Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sector Headteacher Workshops

Workshop in Cam's Teacher Resource Centre
The first workshop we did was for Headteachers in the Kigabiro and Muhazi sectors on leadership and management in March. Since then, we have done training for newly appointed Headteachers and have been visiting schools on a day to day basis. The plan was to do it for all of the sectors in the district. This involves grouping sectors (or sub-districts), finding a venue in the middle and inviting all school Heads for the one day workshop. So, we have done three of them in the last two weeks and, I’m pleased to say, that now all 75 Heads in the Rwamagana District have been involved.

As with Mary’s workshop, the evaluations were very good but the main comment was that they wanted more and especially for the teachers in their schools. Sadly, there are only two of us but we hope that it can be carried on by other volunteers after we have gone.

Camilla doing her bit with the Heads
The workshop dealt with different kinds of leadership and management, the difference between the two, planning lessons and expectations of Heads of their staff, school effectiveness and materials from local sources. A big order for 6 ½ hours but we did it even if all, especially us, were shattered at the end. Again the challenge was language and it got more difficult towards the latter workshops and the last one had to be done in French with a little English. If nothing else, my French has improved but I am not sure that talking about school effectiveness will stand me in good stead when we get our next Gite in Bretagne!!!!!
Ordering the parts of a lesson
Mary teaching Japanese numbers

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