Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our visit to Nzige

Cam in her tropical garden

You will have seen in previous posts that our VSO colleague, Camilla has joined us on a few occasions in Rwamagana. Now it was our turn to visit her. In fact, we were her first visitors and the second of our Sector Workshops was to be in the Teacher Training College where she is a Lecturer in Methodology and her main work is to set up a resource centre using local materials. The workshop was in her well-equipped resource centre. She has done an amazing job and transformed the place from a room with no windows and furniture to an Aladdin’s Cave of resources, almost all of which she has made herself. A very talented lady!

She lives in Nzige which is an hour’s moto ride from our home over the most varied scenery you could possibly imagine from rolling hills, rice fields, valleys, remote villages and lines of trees with ditches sprouting water lilies to hundreds of people walking to market and the fields, collecting water or just passing the time of day. It’s a hard ride and so far we are the only ones that have done it from the VSO community because of its remoteness. Camilla lives in a house in the centre of town and, being the only Muzungu, is the centre of attention as you can imagine. She has a beautiful garden which she tells us she doesn’t have to lift a finger to maintain. She gave us a brilliant weekend and bought a mattress in our honour. Well done, Cam, for being one of VSOs country cousins!

Nzige Residence

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