East Africa

Our final post is a few selected photographs from the remainder of our "One Year Later" tour around three more countries in East Africa and the Island of Zanzibar.


Lake view cottages in Bunyonyi
The nearest we got to a Gorilla
Hot Chocolate to warm us up in Bunyonyi
St Paul's Cathedral, Namiremebe, Kampala


Our own coffee making ceremony
Lucy  - World's oldest remains
It's worth looking at these three photos together as it had such an effect on all of us. Women walk up a long, high hill in Northern Addis Ababa to collect wood for fuel. They fell what they need from Eucalyptus trees, bundle it up, strap it to their backs and carry it back down the hill. The weight is so great that the momentum pushes them down at great speed. They carry more than their donkeys. I didn't want to take a photo of such misery so I found one on the internet. They still do this every day. The good news is that some of them have set up a cooperative to make scarves so that they can find alternative ways of living. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Rock Hewn Church, Lalibela
Tanzania and Zanzibar

Building Dar es Salaam style 8 floors up
Traditional Hut at the Village Museum
Masai Warrior and Guard
School is out in Zanzibar
And the Girls
Sunset Beach Football Zanzibar
House of Wonders Zanzibar
Slave Market, Stone Town
Mary handles a young tortoise, Prisoner Island
Indian Ocean

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