Thursday, October 7, 2010

We've been offered a placement

Since we were accepted again for VSO we have been waiting patiently for a placement. They told us it could be really difficult to place couples and we have been hoping for the best.

We now know that we have been offered a placement in Rwanda, Central Africa in a place called Rwamagana in the east of the country. It's far from finalised yet and we are hoping that we will be accepted. It's French speaking but they have just changed their language of instruction to English and hopefully we will be able to cope. Mary has been offered the post of "Basic Methodology Trainer" and will be replacing an existing volunteer and I have been offered the placement of "Education Management Advisor" and it is a new post. Everyone we have spoken to has been very positive about the placement and Rwanda itself. It is far from signed and sealed. We have completed all the paperwork and we need to wait for a response from the employe. So, a tense time while we wait to see whether our lives will be turned upside down again. We are very excited, as you might expect!