Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wedding in Kigali

Happy Couple
You may remember that in March we went to a Dowry Giving of a young couple, the cousin of one of our teachers Eric. Now we were invited to the wedding. It was every bit as spectacular as the first event but quite different. It started with a Mass in a Kigali Church which lasted around 2 hours with singing and a joyful wedding ceremony concelebrated with around 6 priests and 300 guests. There were some similarities to our own service but celebrated in a Rwandan style. The bride wore white.

Mary and Stephen with friend Eric
This was followed by pictures and then on to a big hall which was lavishly decorated in the theme colours of green and orange. I don’t think we’ve ever been to such a big affair as that. We were made so welcome and the Bride and Groom seemed to enjoy the day but it was so different from any other wedding we have been to. There were dancers and drummers, singers, speeches and great hospitality.
Great Festivities

Cutting the cake

Traditional 3D Art

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