Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half Way Break

Cam and Mary working on a Sunday!
A couple of weeks ago on 15th May we went for a meal with Camilla at the Dereva hotel in Rwamagana. This is where we had our first meal in this town and we decided to celebrate our “4 months” in Rwanda – one third of the placement – unbelievable! We always did this on 13th of the month in Guyana – the day we arrived in Georgetown. It was significant that at the very same time our Guyana VSO friends Meg, Sanny, Cheryl and Ann were also celebrating (without us) in Manchester pretty near the 13th!!!. So lots of texts flew backwards and forwards to congratulate each other and keep up the tradition.
Resources made with a stone and a nail
During that same weekend, a leisurely one after a few weeks on the move, Camilla stayed with us and on the Sunday, Mary and Cam made resources from old bits and pieces in preparation for her workshops to come in the next few weeks. These will be about methodology, making materials and child-centred education. Making resources is one of Cam’s roles in her Teacher Training College and she’s really fast at making bottle top counting rings and other bits and pieces from beer and Fanta bottle tops, pieces of string, a nail and a piece of rock as a hammer – improvisation rules.

Around the same time we looked up the flight prices for our mid-placement return home for three weeks. Around £800 each return – not bad we think. We checked with our employer the next day and then went on the internet to book for the last 3 weeks of July. Lo and behold the price had gone up by £600 each to £1400 in two days. Brussels Airlines lost the sale, I’m afraid and we’re now travelling Ethiopian Airlines for just short of £900. We’ll be arriving at Heathrow on Saturday 9th July and counting down the days!!!!

Home for a Holiday in July

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