Sunday, May 1, 2011

God Bless the Queen’s Grandson and his new wife!

The Royal Cake
Thanks to the Royal Wedding (no holiday here) we were invited to the Residence of the British High Commissioner in Kigali on Friday. About 200 people attended including all the British from the VSOs. It was a right royal affair with everything Union Flag. There were drinks galore, wedding cake, wine and nibbles and then we all went off to an Ethiopian Restaurant to celebrate Rachel’s birthday. Will this living it up ever end?

Secret Garden of the Beau Sejour
Now you may think that all we do is live it up. Well that’s been quite true for the last few weeks but now we are back home and the real work starts tomorrow and we’re ready for it. May day is on Sunday and we’re expecting to be working tomorrow unless it’s announced a holiday on the radio tonight which sometimes happens. Last week was a week of meetings – VSO Programme Review, Education Conference for the Rwamagana District and the meeting of the new Governor for the Eastern Province. From tomorrow, we will start visiting schools in earnest so will be on the road a lot of the time and hopefully getting back to the fitter state we were in before we started all this merry making a month ago.
Relaxing before returning to work

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