Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rwamagana Town Centre

 After the trip to the lake yesterday, two of the volunteers stayed in our house overnight. It's a tight squeeze and the toilet facilities are not good but what the heck, we are VSOs. I've been into town three times so far today - only a few minutes walk from home. Firstly to see thenm both of them off and secondly to do a bit of shopping. So this is what it looks like - the town centre of Rwamagana where we live. It has an indoor market which mainly sells fruit and vegetables and clothes, household things etc and around the edge are dozens of shops selling everything from bicycles, househol;d goods, food etc etc. You generally have to go right into the shop to see what it sells but lots of things are available here and we are thankful that we are in a town which has lots of facilities and plenty of food.

To see some pictures of the town, click on the link below........

Rwamagana Town

Outside our main gate

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