Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day out to Lake Muhazi

Lake Muhazi
A couple of weeks ago, we were in Kigali and we met up with two volunteers who had arrived in September - Louise and Cathy. They suggested going to the lake which is only about half an hour away from us - Lake Muhazi. As a few other voluntees fouind out about the trip, the group grew and in the end there were about ten of us. Two minibuses later we were at the resort - a beautiful large lake which goes from West to East which was slightly North East of Rwamagana. It's a huge lake and we could only see a small part of it. We had a meal and some great chat, catching up on what everyone had been doing. The weather was kind to us for the first few hours and then we had a great storm.

Getting home was a bit of a problem. Being late afternoon, there were few minibuses which were not few but we eventually made it on a bus whch had seen better days but which got us home and took us right to the market - pouring rain and refreshed, we had had a great day in very beautiful surroundings.

Relaxing by the Lake

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