Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kinyarwanda lessons

Learning Kinyarwanda
 We have now completed 5 of our 6 Kinyarwanda lessons (2 hours each) and will have more in April at the second set of training. We will have to continue learning either French or Kinyarwanda with a personal tutor for two hours a week. We are both likely to choose French. The lessons so far have been challenging but the teacher is lovely and puts us at our ease. The language is very hard and is only spoken here. So far, allegedly, we can meet and greet, barter in the market and with a Moto rider and make basic introductions. The pronunciation is not too bad but the grammar with various complex agreements is quite complex.

Probably one of the most useful phrases will be…..

Ni Menshi. Gabanya!   That’s too much, reduce the price. It appears that we will have to barter for everything.

It’s far from Mary’s favourite time of the day and the day doesn’t really start until it’s all over. I’m enjoying it but finding it just as hard. My real learning will be when I’ve actually got to use it.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    You're sat next to my mum there in your lesson...Tricia...hope you are all settling into your new homes!


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