Sunday, January 23, 2011

VSO Family Dinner

Yesterday, most of the Rwanda volunteers and staff came from all over the country to meet us at a big celebration in a local restaurant. We set off at 4-30pm for a 5pm start but just had to go to the bar first! The celebration was at the Luna d’Oro and was a huge outside hall decked out with cloth covered plastic chairs, tables, a bar and food. We started with games to get to know each other – more than 50 of us, an amazing meal of dozens of local foods – and then after a few minutes sitting down, we heard the loud banging of drums and the Rwandan Dancers entered the room and entertained us for most of the rest of the evening, culminating in us all being up on the floor dancing in a way we have never danced before. An amazing treat and many thanks to the VSO office and volunteers who organised it. It was a thrilling experience.

Today is a day of rest and Mary and I decided to stay in the guest house and get ourselves up to date on the diary, the blog and the cross-stitch. Many of the others have gone to a market but we’ll leave that until we go to our town as we don’t know what is in the house and have been unable to find out. I will go into Kigali this afternoon and check a few things out and that will be another day gone.

One thing I must add before I go is that the climate here is just perfect!!!!! It’ll be hotter where we are going because it’s lower down but Kigali is high up and just right!!!!! Long may it last.

Rwandan Dancers entertain us

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