Sunday, June 26, 2011

Preparing for a busy two weeks

Cutting up rice sacks to make posters
Everything comes at a price and the price of doing 10 workshops in a couple of weeks is working through the weekend. But we don’t do it very often and when we must, we do. This is practical stuff, mainly for Mary’s half day workshops on Methodology, making materials and child-centred education. The office is too small so we work and store things at home. As our home is not much bigger than a fixed-site caravan in Bognor, it can be a bit of a squeeze but we manage because, above all, VSOs are imaginative, flexible and good at improvising. Well, that’s the theory and the two of us try.

Storage on the bed in the kitchen

Preparing materials

Give us our living room back!
I think the pictures speak for themselves. Well, in a couple of week’s time, we’ll get our house back and, I’m sure it will all have been worth it!

Copying a map of Rwamagana

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