Sunday, September 18, 2011

Helen in Africa

Helen makes herself at home with the facilities
At relatively short notice, our friend Helen decided to visit us here in Rwamagana. She was a Guyana VSO with us and would be up for sleeping in the kitchen as there’s nowhere else. Being an expert guide leader, she knew how to nestle in under the mosquito net with all her stuff laid out on one side so she could sleep on the other just like a tent! Sleeping in the kitchen was no problem. At least she had access to everything she needed. Better than a 5 star hotel.

All the facilities right by the bed
Dormir dans la cuisine. Pas de probleme!
She had to hit the ground running because the day after she arrived, we were up at five and in a 4 X 4 on our way to Akagera, the National Wildlife Park over in the East. It was a great day with many animals around. We were in the same car and the same driver as last time but without the mishaps. The giraffe were more in evidence and we saw most of what the park had to offer except the 100 or so elephants. How such large creatures managed to hide from us, we will never know.

I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

Buffalo taking it easy
Mary enjoys the ride
Nonchalant Giraffe
Enjoying the Safari

 You can see all of the photos in the slide show below.....

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Akagera with Helen

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