Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still Celebrating Four Months later

When you have a big, BIG “0” birthday, we feel it’s really important to celebrate it for at least a year. We came up with presents that we were going to exchange between the two of us but decided when we get back at the end of the placement would be soon enough for that. Dan and Matt, saved their presents for when we got home in July and treated us to a Michelin restaurant meal with amazing food and the longed-for chilled white wine that we had been dreaming about for many months. Actually, wine definitely tastes better when it’s appreciated and not an every day occurrence. We kicked off with a bottle of Moet Chandon in Matt and Lucy’s new home and then the evening just got better and better. Thanks to both of you!!!!!
The next day was the Birthday BBQ. It rained for the first time in weeks but had all cleared up for it not to spoil the day. Family and friends turned up to help us to continue our extended celebrations. Just like the wine, real sausages and burgers and Chris’s Amazing Chilli also taste better and are much more appreciated when you don’t have them every day.

Birthday BBQ
Food in Rwanda is great with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, home grown by local people. What more could you want? But it’s different and sometimes you long for what is normal for you. We had three weeks of a great cuisine but now we’re glad to get back to a little Rwandan normality!

Friends and family
Cutting the cake

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