Friday, July 8, 2011

Five Hours to go

As I write this we are anticipating our trip home. We will leave our little house in about five hours and travel to the airport in the District vehicle – a pick-up with District of Rwamagana on the side, so we will go in style. We couldn’t find any taxis and didn’t think we would get our three suitcases on the back of a moto or in an overcrowded minibus so the Executive Secretary of the District came up with this idea when we told him our quandary.

Why three suitcases? You ask. Well one is full of stuff we don’t need or mistakenly thought we would and will be replaced by stuff we now know we do need but can’t get or find here. The only problem is we don’t think we will be able to fit into our return suitcase a kitchen sink (we don’t have one), washing machine (but we have no indoor water) or flat screen TV (our Kinyarwanda is not good enough to understand the local programmes). So what the heck! We will go back to our normal Rwanda life when we get back but will really look forward to the luxury of these things when we get home.

We are travelling Ethiopian Airlines to Addis Ababa and after a five our wait to Heathrow and arriving at 7-15am where we know Mary’s sister Ann will be waiting for us to whisk us to Wallington. That’s matt’s 30th on that day so we’re looking forward to the party in the afternoon and the following week our own belated 60th birthday party organised by our wonderful sons. Aren’t they good?

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