Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rovers survive in the Premiership

Rovers Supporter????
 Most of you know my feelings on football. I’ve tried but I just can’t learn to like it but a little bit of me feels I must be supportive of Blackburn’s fortunes and misfortunes if for no other reason than in the memory of my Dad who was a staunch supporter all of his life. The other side of me has to follow Crystal Palace because it’s a family tradition or is it obsession? Whichever, it’s there and cannot be ignored. It seems by the skin of their teeth, both teams survived in their respective leagues.

Meg, our Guyana VSO friend, sent me a Rover’s shirt with an extra special bit on the back which you can see in the photo. I’m very proud of it.

Now, I know that in 1960 Blackburn Rovers and Wolverhampton Wanderers played in the FA Cup Final. It took place on 7th May 1960 at Wembley Stadium in London. It’s etched on my mind because by Dad made my sister Irene and I record ourselves singing, at the age of 9 and 7, on his reel to reel, state of the art, Elizabethan BandBox tape recorder. We were to sing his own version of “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” adapted for the occasion to “We’re not afraid of the big, bad Wolves.”

Only 3s/6d
The Original BandBox
Unfortunately, his enthusiasm for technology and soccer did not affect the result and Wolves won the game and the cup after a 3–0 victory, with a Norman Deeley double after Blackburn defender Mick McGrath had scored an own goal. This was Wolves' fourth and, to date, final FA Cup success. Both teams have been in the Cup Final an equal number of times and have not had the honour to play again for this cup since 1960.

But just to let the world know that Blackburn do not hold a grudge about what happened in 1960, Rovers allowed Hunt his late strike to secure their position of 17th in the table (one above relegation) with Blackburn finishing 15th. How kind is that David?

This year's game

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