Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 Day workshop for New Headteachers and back to business with VSO

It was a delight to discover, despite the rain, that all 20 of the Heads turned up on time for a successful 2 day workshop. Mary and I ran it together and found that it really had to be done in English and French so that all would understand. The evaluations were good and we hope to be able to continue working with this enthusiastic group for the rest of our time here.

This was immediately followed by 5 days in Kigali again for the second part of In-Country Training which consisted of another four two hour sessions on Kinyarwanda. The teacher was very good but it has been a challenge for both of us as most of our work has been done in English and French. It was really good meeting up with the group again and we had the opportunity for two more big group meals for Camilla (far far far from 60) at Sol e Luna and Denis, in an Indian restaurant where we will definitely go again. We also had a trip to a cinema (of which there are very few in Kigali) and we got to choose the film “Team Africa” just for us and the time of starting – 7-30pm and our group were the only ones there. I would love such personal service in England – even the popcorn was the same!

Now, I referred earlier to our roaming birthday presents. There was little time at the training for personal stuff so we rushed off to the post office by moto one lunchtime and 6 weeks late we got our cards and presents. We presented ourselves at the Iposita and after searching through the book and several PO boxes we managed to round up out errant goodies – 29 cards, a bag, DVDs and a Blackburn Rovers Shirt from Meg with Harding 60 on the back. All inspired presents. We shouldn’t have any more problems now because we have our own PO Box in Rwamagana. Now, all we need is someone to write to us.

Mary and Stephen Harding
PO Box 90
Parcels arrive at last

At the end of all this time away, we were glad to get back to our Bijou residence in Rwamagana.

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