Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Quiet “At Home”

Mary prepares rice sacks outside the house
The next week was hectic with many changes of plan, writing of extensive statistics, a visit from the VSO Programme Manager, planning for workshops as well as a visit to the Bicumbi Teacher Training College to visit our nearest VSO neighbour, Camilla, who is there teaching methodology and setting up a resource centre. She has done amazing work in such a short time.

We arranged to meet up with her in Rwamagana for a bit of TLC for all of us with leisurely meals, lots of chat, a haircut for me and toe nail painting for the girls. All of this was achieved except for the haircut. And that’s another story all on its own for you to read in the next post. On the Sunday, Camilla and Mary prepared rice sacks as visual aids – a wonderful invention for enhancing classroom display.

Camilla gets down to earth

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