Thursday, November 4, 2010

We've accepted!

After having had the placement finalised, we have now accepted and are starting the countdown to our departure. They tell us that the earliest date will be 15th January 2011 but that has not yet been finalised. That's less than three months and there's an awful lot to do. We have been discussing the letting of the house with an estate agent today and there are so many other things to think about. We've been working hard to improve our French through an excellent online course and soon we will have to learn some Kinyarwanda, the local language. That's also online.

So, keep an eye on this site to see how we're doing.

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  1. Hi stephen,

    I am sure you will enjoy your experience in Rwanda. Beautiful country, safe , friendly people, a lot to learn and to achieve on personal and human level.I can only recommend to go for that wonderful experience in my country of origine;-)))

    Rwamagana is a small nice town within a short driving distance to lake muhazi, a wonderful place to relax and get rid of home sickness;-)

    Although rwandans speak their own language Kinyarwanda, English has become a widely spoken language especially among young people.I would even say that french is ranked after English. So no need to learn French:) You may need to learn few words in Kinyarwanda if you want to communicate with people in rural areas.

    Consider visiting the country from North to south ,east and west,you will be amazed by the landscape( especially in the north.Don't miss the gorillas and akagera national park.

    Enjoy your trip and experience.


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