Thursday, November 18, 2010

Raising Money

For the last few days we've been going through all our possessions to see what is surplus to requirements so that packing will be made easier once we start after Christmas. We're ahead of ourselves this time because we're not working but all the same we never seem to have much time. Before we went to Guyana we gave half a room full to charity shops and did the same when we unpacked when we came back. Doing VSO makes you realise how much stuff you have that you don't really need, hence the clear out.

Counting the profits

This morning we went to Addington for 7-15am and spent until 1pm selling our stuff. Now we know that one man's rubbish is another's treasure but this was not great treasure, I must tell you!. Finally parted with my Spanish dictionary from 40 years ago in college. Haven't opened it in all that time. The woman who bought it said she thought language might have changed in that time but she still insisted it was worth 20p despite its age. I wanted her to have it free but she wasn't having any of it. So that's a profit of 6d on the 3s/6d I paid for it (2 1/2p in today's currency). Can't be bad.

Anyway, I ramble, we made a massive £90 for the VSO pot and all the rest went to the Charity Shop!!!

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